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Cattrell (pictured) said he was confident the 3D roulette would appeal across a broad spectrum of demographics. The young can engage with it by looking a product that is วิธี แทง บอล ออนไลน์ delivered in a mechanic and environment that they are used to seeing, whether it will be video games, film, etc. They will appreciate the product and its delivery mechanic The more established, older generation, will be looking at a game that has been treated with respect. This is how they will play the game in the casino. This is something they are familiar with. Across the board, we feel this will deliver high yields longer term by more loyal players and give a greater return to the operators. Christian Riley, the product owner for Realistic Roulette, said that while the technology behind the game, WebGL, had been around for quite a few years now only recently have [we] been able to harness that inside of a web browser. Coupled with rigorous research, development and testing this had allowed them to create a "truly world class" iteration of roulette. Players can move freely around the 3D environment and it gives a really great immersive experience. We hope that players feel they are in a real casino, sitting at a real table.

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